Please click here to find resources for use during the school summer school, including links to online dictionaries and selections of textbooks.

Preliminary Assignments

Please complete these assignments prior to the summer school:

  1. From Shelmerdine’s Introduction to Latin (2nd edition–see link to “Latin Resources” section above), familiarize yourselves with pages 1-3 (alphabet, pronunciation, vowels, diphthongs, consonants, combinations, syllables, accent).
  2. Listen to a Latin reading of one of Seneca’s letters following this link. The page also contains the English translation of the text, if you are interested in the exact meaning of the content, but the main point for now is to familiarize yourself with the sound of Latin. Please feel free to listen to it several times, or try the other audio recordings on the website.
  3. From Markus’s Reading Medieval Latin with the Legend of Barlaam and Josaphat (see link to “Latin Resources” section above):
    • Read the introduction, pp. 1-31.
    • Memorize the High Frequency Word List (pp. 143-144)
    • Markus’s book contains the Latin text twice: once with medieval (pp. 37-49), once with classical Latin orthography (pp. 53-121 within the commentary). All words with changed spelling are underlined in the second, classical version. Based on this underlining, find all words that have a different spelling in classical and in the medieval period, and compile a comparative list of them.