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4-5LessonLecture: Christian Høgel, “Barlaam and Josaphat.”Lecture: Joel Kalvesmaki, Text-Alignment Network, Session 1.Lecture: Christian Høgel, “Finding an Early Greek Translation of the Qur’an.”TutoringTutoringLecture:
Lars Boje Mortensen, “Between Three Philologies: The New Alexander Literature of the Twelfth Century.”
Lecture: Joel Kalvesmaki, Text-Alignment Network, Session 2.Lecture: Stratis Papaioannou, “The Life of Theodore of Edessa.” Closing Remarks
Note: all times are Central European Summer Time (CEST/UTC+2)


Each participant will be responsible for providing a small amount of tutoring in one of the summer school languages they have already studied. To ensure that everyone has a chance to both offer and receive tutoring, tutoring time slots will be divided into two blocks: Block A (first half hour) and Block B (second half hour). Each participant will be assigned to tutor during one of these blocks, during which they are responsible for logging onto the Zoom channel of that language and for offering any tutoring during that time. In the block when they are not tutoring, they can log onto the Zoom channel of the language they are learning and ask any questions. Please click here for the tutoring schedule, Zoom links, and subdivision.

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