Aikaterini Perdiki
Katerina is an Art History PhD student at the University of York, where she also completed her Master’s degree. She finished her undergraduate degree at the Athens School of Fine Arts on Theory and History of Art. Her thesis is on Latin and Greek medieval Macrobian maps, and she is also Editor-in-Chief at Aspectus: a Journal of Visual Culture.

Anna Chacko
Anna Chacko is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge. Her research focusses on literary self-consciousness and conceptualisations of poetry in medieval Irish and French narrative texts. She is interested in medieval literary theory and poetic theory and performance expressed through narrative.

Antonio Lenzo
Antonio Lenzo is a graduate student in the English Department at Stanford, with a BA in English from King’s College, London. Antonio’s research interests include manuscript culture across Europe in the central Middle Ages, the reception of Scripture and the history of temporality.

Aylin Malcolm
Aylin Malcolm is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, with previous degrees from McGill and Ohio State. Aylin’s research interests include the history of zoology, multilingualism in later medieval England, and astronomical diagrams. For more information about Aylin’s writing and digital projects, visit

Blake Lorenz
Blake Lorenz is currently pursuing his PhD in Classical Studies at KU Leuven, Belgium. His dissertation focuses on apocalyptic figures in the Byzantine and Islamic world. Prior to his PhD studies, he completed an MPhil in Byzantine Studies at the University of Oxford. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

Brigid Ehrmantraut
I am a second-year doctoral student in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC) at the University of Cambridge. I received my MPhil in ASNC from Cambridge and my undergraduate degree in Classics and Medieval Studies from Princeton. My research focuses on reception of Classical mythology in medieval Ireland.

Clara Marie Westergaard
I am a first year PhD student at Munich School of Ancient Philosophy under the supervision of Peter Adamson investigating the Arabic commentaries on Aristotle’s Poetics by al-Fārābī, ibn Sīnā, and ibn Rushd. I have a background in Arabic and Islamic Studies with a minor in Classics. 

Dafni-Olga Liontou
Dafni-Olga Liontou holds a B.A. in Classics, Medieval and Modern Greek Literature, an M.A. in Byzantine Literature, and an M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Education for Sustainable Development, all from the University of Ioannina (Greece). Her PhD research focuses on antisemitic views of early Christian fathers of the Eastern Church.

Dorothy Chang
Dorothy Chang is a PhD candidate in historical theology at Fordham University. She is broadly interested in the history of science, Byzantine theology, and theological anthropology. Her dissertation focuses on the ways in which the phenomenology of sight and the mechanics of light have structured the exegetical reflections on the divine light in the philosophy and theology of Jonathan Edwards.

Earnestine Qiu
Earnestine Qiu is a PhD student in the Department of Art & Archaeology at Princeton University. She studies Byzantine art, with a focus on artistic and theological exchanges between Byzantium and the Caucasus. She is particularly interested in questions of visuality and space.

Kaitlin Sager 
Kaitlin grew up in Portland, Oregon. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Tulane University in New Orleans. Her dissertation focuses on depictions of bodily difference in medieval French romance, incorporating contemporary theories of disability, queerness and sexuality studies. At Tulane, she runs a weekly Old French reading group, which is currently working its way through a 14th century manuscript of the Alexander romance.

Kirsten Ogilby
BA in Medieval History and English Literature at the University of St Andrews, MA in Medieval Languages and Literatures at the University of York. Recently moved back to Denmark, and is currently working on a PhD exploring post-medieval receptions of Old English literature at the University of Copenhagen. 

Mary Maschio
Mary Maschio is currently working towards her doctorate in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. Her project focuses on material culture in Old French and Byzantine courtly literature during the twelfth century whilst her broader research interests centre on cross-cultural connections between different literary systems around the Mediterranean and beyond. 

Mathilde Sauquet
Mathilde is an Art and Archaeology PhD student at Princeton University and specializes in the art of multi-confessional communities in the medieval Mediterranean, encompassing Early Christianity, Byzantium and the Islamic world. Mathilde received an M.St. in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies from the University of Oxford in 2019 and a B.A in Art History and Languages (Italian/Arabic) from Trinity College, CT in 2018.

Micah Mackay
Micah Mackay is a Leverhulme Trust and Balliol Dervorguilla Doctoral Scholar in Medieval and Modern Languages at Balliol College, University of Oxford. Her work focuses on scribal correction, variation, and error in late medieval carols. Other interests include medieval pilgrimage, secular song, and Jewish-Christian relations across the medieval period.

Monica Mitri
Monica Mitri is a PhD student in religious studies at the University of Southern California. She is primarily interested in premodern medieval Christianity in the Near East, and the interactions between Christian and Muslim communities. Monica also has previous bachelor and postgraduate degrees in theology, business and literature from Egypt and the U.S.

Olena Igorivna Davydova
Olena Igorivna Davydova is a PhD student at La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy) in latin medieval philology. She received both bachelor’s and master’s degree at Univeristy of Milan (Italy); in 2019 she obtained the diploma in Archivistics,
Paleography and Diplomatics at Milan State Archive. She collaborates with Bulletin

Shahrzad Irannejad
Shahrzad Irannejad is a research associate at Orient-Institut Istanbul, and a PhD candidate at the RTG 1876 “Early Concepts of Humans and Nature: Universal, Specific, Interchanged”, at JGU Mainz, Germany. In her PhD project she looks into how concepts and ideas (regarding the brain and the mind) were transformed as they travelled beyond linguistic and cultural borders from the Greek tradition to the medieval Arabic tradition.

Youyoung Jung 
Ph.D student at the EHESS (École Haute des Études en sciences sociales), Paris, I’m continuing my thesis on the « Urban evolution in the literary sources of medieval byzantine world », under the direction of Paolo Odorico.

Zuzana Dzurillová
Zuzana Dzurillová is a PhD student in Hellenic studies at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Her research interest concerns the Late Byzantine literature and literature of the Cretan Renaissance, especially from the aspect of tense switching and the use of historical present within the narrative structure of selected texts.